Friday, March 27, 2009


Wow! my first week has gone by so quickly!!!!!
i found out what my jobs will be this quarter on staff!
This quarter i will be working in the kitchen, hospitality, and special events department.
So its pretty exciting to be able to work in three different departments, i have a feeling i'll be enjoying all of the
This past week i mainly worked in the special events department. It is seriously, so much fun! I'm the assistant to this girl Laurie, who is the department she basically tells me what i need to be doing and gives me direction, which is so helpful, because i've been pretty freaked out about this new life!
The special events department is pretty great because it sets up for the new schools that come in and for the graduates once each school is completed. So its kind of the welcoming committee for all of the students!!
Laurie & I worked on preparing for the schools that start on we put together the name tags & candy bags. As special events, we're in charge of taking photos of students & staff and we then organize them on a board for display at the base. Its pretty interesting to me, doing these things because i never thought about the people that actually organize and do what is needed to make a school run...i really like being a part of it.
*quick story*
Snow storm mania!!!!
people have always told me that colorado weather is unpredictable, which really is terrible when attempting to pick out an outfit in the morning! This past sunday it was 70's and sunny. I wore a skirt & tee shirt all day. Then on thursday it started snowing, which always makes my heart happy! It was pretty nuts though, to see all that snow on the ground after warmer weather in the past weekend.

Something thats neat is that i can see how i'm helping in the community and i really enjoy being able to see the work i do put into action.

Thanks for reading this post everyone!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi Everyone!
sorry for changing my blogspot!

i lost the email & password for my old one, so i hope you found this one

I'm going to be updating this & making it nicer this weekend, because i've been
so busy this week! *and its only day 3!*

love you all!