Sunday, September 23, 2012

relaxing is actually hard for me to do. at the end of my week i want to hang out with friends and i do, but sometimes i just chill in my house and watch tv on my laptop. I know it won't necessarily benefit me, but it feels so good to stop my brain. mind wants to just stop. which it has lately. lately, i've been realizing that yes, watching tv is nice, but to value the silence. my roommate ran a half marathon on saturday and then trevor hall play a few songs afterward. ((love his voice)) anyway, waking up early on saturday took the life out of me. (hilarious, right?) so i was reading and then i fell asleep. no music was playing, there was no noise. it was just silent. it was nice. i don't give myself enough room to solely enjoy a moment. i have to take a picture, or show someone or do something....but i think lately i've realized that it's important to just treasure moments. i'll still be the girl wanting to take a picture to capture the moment, but every now and then i want to try and just...chill out. relax. realize that life is very special and to realize that. it's all going to be okay. in the long run of everything, with all the nutty-ness of a week. all the conversations i'll have to have. with everything and anything. it will all work out. it will all be beautiful. it's just how i'll choose to see the beauty. I don't embrace stress or anxiety. I walk in peace and embrace peace. casting my cares on the one who cares most. and giving myself rest from everything. trusting in the One most consistent and persistent is special. life is a gift. it's just taking the time away from the noise. taking it all away and just being here. it's good. more thoughts later this week. xo