Saturday, May 22, 2010

cleaning the room
doing laundry
getting coffee
reading a book
oh, and right me up by state radio
memories. lovelove.

sounds like a perfect saturday to me.

hugs & love,
Alli bird.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beauty in the status updates

this morning i got to go to coffee with a beautiful
friend: miss Alyssa, we got to share about our lives and it
was nice...she's truly a beautiful lady.

now i am looking at facebook and friends status updates to
see how their days are going and if anyone has posted anything
but its two status updates in a row that have caught my attention

I am blessed because i am loved by You
only You can restore my soul

these things are kind of amazing reminders for my current life situation.

I'm glad that He is so faithful in every circumstance of my life and
every battle in my heart..He is here to figure it out with me. Hear
my screams and cries...Heal my heart... restore it back to the fullest..
bring me true joy and show me HOW to live. Through this.
Through all of It.

thanks Jesus, for your love for me & my family.
I love you back.

For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and i walk in your
faithfulness. Psalm 26.3
The title of this psalm in my bible is I will Bless the Lord.

I want to do that with my life, because He is worthy.

have a good tuesday kids.

Alli bird.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"i don't know which way i'm going. i don't know what i've become..." *coldplay*

unable to fix the pieces.
unable to get the years back.
the effort i placed into a relationship
that will soon be evaporated into nothingness...
a decision that will affect three valuable lives.

the hurt that breeds inside the hearts
of people. the unavoidable things we think
and then the actions that we end up doing.
not thinking of anyone else, letting our own
selves come before others.

the inconsistency that is, at times, how life goes.
the world.
peoples hearts.
God's heart...when our hearts hurt.

cities, walls, bones, pavement,
doors, hearts...

i know who my Father is, and i know He
is not abandoning.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i just wish i could keep something, but
it seems everyone has run away again.

i hate seeing others weaknesses...i hate
judging people. but it is natural and in
this circumstance, i'm going to.

today i feel::
loss, anger, rejection,
unbelief, abandonment,
disappointment, jaded.

it feels like:
i have done this too
many times to count
& i wish it could all
just end...that these
lame surprises would stop
surprising me, that my hope
could be restored in mankind..
that promises mean something

can they PLEASE mean something to you?

i just want to keep something.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oh yes.

it is snowing this beautiful morning...well, it was last night.
tomorrow afternoon all the single ladies leave for our three day retreat up at
our mountain will most likely be snowing there.
this morning i am wearing my purple long sleeve shirt (which i love, but do not wear often, because i hate long sleeves...this color purple is one of my fav's.) my favorite hoodie *you know, the one with the hole in the elbow but i will not cannot give it up.* (i should just patch it or something but...i haven't.) my uggs, the pair of jeans my housemate Leena gave to comfy and baggy. And my uggs. so toasty and warm this morning.
I have been curling my hair the past week or so and today i decided to straighten it and i like it.
i am debating getting my bangs again, because i really like them...but i have just grown them out, so i have to keep them a while longer.

Here is a letter from Colorado to the rest of the world.

What? What's that you say? Its May 12? It's sunny where you are?
There is not supposed to be white stuff on the ground???
Ohhhh, well i decided last night to snow on you all.
I hope you enjoy it. Maybe next week it will be 70 again.
kises and hugs,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so relaxing

this morning is cold.
this morning is beautiful
this morning i had enough time to make an iced
i am wearing flip flops, because yesterday it was
sunny and warm...
it is going to rain today.
and i love it, everyday i love this city more and more.

its supposed to snow tomorrow.
then wednesday the single girls get to go on a retreat.
and that is going to be fun.

i just love my job so much. it is such a blessing.
i love the people i work with.

the only thing i don't love is that those closest to me
live miles away.

i wish my blogs had more direction, but its okay that they
i guess...

happy tuesday kids.

Monday, May 3, 2010


my dreams, as silly as some may see them, i love them.
my best friend Ana...we haven't seen in each other in four years and have done
crazy crazy things since then...moved to hawaii, moved to mozambique africa....moved to denver. moved to CT. done school, started staffing at ywam. kept in touch the whole stinkin' time. been there to encourage one another and call each other. give each other wake up calls with who we are.
seriously though, Ana Elisabeth Zeller is such a beautiful gift to me.
in december 2007 she got in a super bad accident and broke her back in a few places. This lady is a very gifted snowboarder. *and took me out the first time. i failed horribly. oh dang...* got a phone call from her mom that Ani had gotten hurt...
but God has fully healed her!
she got to go riding the winter after the accident.... God's miracles are so real. even with all the craziness that happens...
oh dang. she is a woman full of joy...and i love being around her.
*my room* i LOVE my room.
i love my house too, but specifically my room. it is super small and my bed takes up the space, but i LOVE much. I just reorganized it and threw a bunch of junk away this past weekend and it feels so good to have less clutter. It is where i unwind, write it all out, talk it all out, and rock out. Music is always coming out of my laptop speakers...cell phone...everything. I love music..
i am so passionate about these people....they are beautiful people. My brother Zach just graduated basic training with the Army. My sister Alexis just went to her senior prom! and rocked a VERY cute dress that not many could pull off...honestly, her style is amazing. Both of their birthdays are this month and i want to celebrate with them, but i'm here for now....their lives are so precious to me and i value them SO so much. Its kind of crazy how much i talk about them with my friends and family here...
my house family consists of three beautiful ladies:: CayeDee, Colleen, and Lori. Seriously, SUCH a blessing...i had a difficult time when i first moved out to Denver in the summer of '08...and i prayed that i would get to live with people who encouraged me, lifted me up, and loved Jesus with their whole hearts. and BAM! i got some hot women in my life!!
God has seriously blessed me h-core to the max with incredible human beings surrounding me daily!
i am very thankful for these life long friendships He's given me on the way.

I like that there are so many different people that are part of my family & that God has given me so many incredible friends...

i am thankful, yes indeed.