Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oh yes.

it is snowing this beautiful morning...well, it was last night.
tomorrow afternoon all the single ladies leave for our three day retreat up at
our mountain will most likely be snowing there.
this morning i am wearing my purple long sleeve shirt (which i love, but do not wear often, because i hate long sleeves...this color purple is one of my fav's.) my favorite hoodie *you know, the one with the hole in the elbow but i will not cannot give it up.* (i should just patch it or something but...i haven't.) my uggs, the pair of jeans my housemate Leena gave to comfy and baggy. And my uggs. so toasty and warm this morning.
I have been curling my hair the past week or so and today i decided to straighten it and i like it.
i am debating getting my bangs again, because i really like them...but i have just grown them out, so i have to keep them a while longer.

Here is a letter from Colorado to the rest of the world.

What? What's that you say? Its May 12? It's sunny where you are?
There is not supposed to be white stuff on the ground???
Ohhhh, well i decided last night to snow on you all.
I hope you enjoy it. Maybe next week it will be 70 again.
kises and hugs,

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