Friday, December 10, 2010


today i drove to work and then we had was cool finally connecting with
the lyrics people around me were singing...someone shared a word and we prayed for
south korea.
then for small group we got into my car wouldn't start.
for whatever reason i wasn't really stressed at all, which is not like me AT ALL.
someone helped me jump it, then we drove for about twenty minutes before arriving at our
destination, goodwill, where we had fun trying on different stuff and looking for something good to wear
for our end of quarter dinner.
We had to jump the car we drove for such a long time AGAIN and arrived back at work.
At the end of the day, i tried to start my car and it wouldn't start, so my good friend John came and took a look
at it. He suggested that i get my battery tested & luckily, we have a place RIGHT by our i took it on over
there and the guy basically told me: you're going to need a new battery, here is the one you will need, it's a hundred bucks.
I didn't know what to do, because i do not have a hundred i just said: well, i really can't buy that now....can you just jump the battery again so i can drive it home?
the other guy in the shop asked what if i gave you a discount? and i just looked at him and said: even at that price, i couldn't pay for it, i just don't have the money....& then we were talking and i said i worked at YWAM and he said: really? oh. then he looked at the other guy and said: let's just donate it to ywam then.

i just got a brand new battery with a two year warranty from two really generous people, just because they wanted to bless me.
i started crying in the store...God met me just where i was at and said: I'm your father, this is what i do, i will provide for you. I love you, i care about you, i will protect you and keep you safe. You are my child, i will be here with you. I will give you peace in the crazy situations of life. I will be with you, for always.

I just like that my dad loves me and cares for me always.

He is good and oh so faithful.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

[[for your steadfast love is before my eyes and i will walk in your faithfulness]]

that is one thing on my mind tonight.

i am thankful that as i continue walking forward, He stays in front of my face
so i don't have to worry or stress...what if You leave me?
He doesn't.
and i am thankful.

Monday, December 6, 2010

making my room cleaner than it is, makes my heart happy.

& that, is all i have to say.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mumford and sons is super relaxing and amazing.
i just got the CD (i know, late am i?) and it's been
the best thing, while reading and writing...and i just love the guys
voice a ton. *yes, a WHOLE ton*

Having Nic over this past weekend was great...i love showing her off
to everyone around and getting to hang out and just be together, means
so much to me...

My birthday is coming up soon-ish and it doesn't feel like it at all this year...I don't know
why, but it just feels far away and unreal.

I feel like throughout this year i have learned more about His faithfulness and how steadfast
He actually is in my life. You can read the words and hear it so much that you become
desensitized to it. I never really understood and i'm still working on it, but it's nice knowing
it a little bit more.

I don't know exactly what this next year will be like, but i am so looking forward to all of it.

Fall has been the best thing to happen to me in a long while and i am so grateful for winter
to come to me. It really is the nicest season of them all.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

maybe i don't have the strength,
maybe i don't have the faith.
you brought me here in 40 years.
when i know this trip should take a week
i've shed my tears and shed my blood
been ransomed by the flood
and winter steals my songs away
in all of this i've come undone...

when you walk through the water
i will be with you
when you pass through the river
the waves they will not overtake you
when you walk on the fire those
flames they will not touch you.
You are Mine.

lyrics i like. *You Are Mine chair & microphone volume 3*

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I really admire parents who are passionate about this future that will be
shaped by these tiny thoughtful hands-the hands to bring:
justice, love, mercy, grace, peace hope, and future to those void of all good. these hands iwll bring back joy, water, laughter, shelter, bread, gratefulness, thankfulness...truth. I'm so excited
for these kids because they are so full of life, so full of beauty, so full. of your goodness.

& thank you for what you're already doing in life and in the world.

thank you Lord.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

today i woke up at 1
i had breakfast.
i remembered about the blueberries i purchased last
sunday and transfered them from the refrigerator to the freezer.

i got to hang out with Amy.
then hang out with my housemates. at the sketchiest little
amusement park i have ever gone to in my life.
i went on a rollercoaster and i didn't die.
not even a little bit!

i love saturdays and i love weekends and i love
my life.

i just feel super blessed to have the family i do
and to live in the house that i do...and i feel

majority of the time in my life, i feel loved.

it is such a great thing; grace.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this week is a lot different than my normal schedule of hospitality, kitchen, housekeeping...this week i am up at eagle rock watching three small-ish children.
reegan, keeana, and jereson.
amaaaazing kids.
its pretty sweet watching kids.
i even changed a poopy diaper succesfully! i was pretty stoked about it.

sometimes i feel like i limit myself, with what i can and cannot do. And lately i realize that if i want to do something, then i have to attempt to do it...
anyway, its been fun hanging out with the kids.
tomorrow is my last day up here and i get to chill with them all morning while my friends Jeremy & Keeley (the parents of the kiddos) teach.

Also, a huge blessing for me this week was getting to talk to my brother online while he is in Afghanistan.
go army, go.

anyway, have a great week everyone!
remember, you are l o v e d

Sunday, July 11, 2010

take my life and make it Yours.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

when everything is falling apart
you will be safe in His arms.

*phil wickham* safe.

i like when music is exactly what i needed to hear.
don't you?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Work for the next two weeks....

i am really looking forward to these next two weeks at the fall quarter i ran the hospitality department at our mountain campus...but didn't really enjoy it very much. It was just overwhelming having everything changed for me.
Coming back home after visiting my family for three weeks *SUCH a blessing for me* i am definitely ready to start working again!
These next two weeks i am running the department by myself and have found that my new best friend is the list i carry with me everywhere so as not to forget anything and i LOVE crossing things off the list! Even sunday at church was a blessing...we only had two kids 7&9 brother & sister and they were super cute...It just makes me happy to be busy again.
Last night we watched the bachelorette at my house...i still hate it, because it is ridiculous, but it was fun to hang out w/ the housemates.

Here is my latest fav for the week....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my baby sister is graduating high school today!!
i am so thankful to be able to be here w/ my family during this

i love them so much! they are beautiful people.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

cleaning the room
doing laundry
getting coffee
reading a book
oh, and right me up by state radio
memories. lovelove.

sounds like a perfect saturday to me.

hugs & love,
Alli bird.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beauty in the status updates

this morning i got to go to coffee with a beautiful
friend: miss Alyssa, we got to share about our lives and it
was nice...she's truly a beautiful lady.

now i am looking at facebook and friends status updates to
see how their days are going and if anyone has posted anything
but its two status updates in a row that have caught my attention

I am blessed because i am loved by You
only You can restore my soul

these things are kind of amazing reminders for my current life situation.

I'm glad that He is so faithful in every circumstance of my life and
every battle in my heart..He is here to figure it out with me. Hear
my screams and cries...Heal my heart... restore it back to the fullest..
bring me true joy and show me HOW to live. Through this.
Through all of It.

thanks Jesus, for your love for me & my family.
I love you back.

For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and i walk in your
faithfulness. Psalm 26.3
The title of this psalm in my bible is I will Bless the Lord.

I want to do that with my life, because He is worthy.

have a good tuesday kids.

Alli bird.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"i don't know which way i'm going. i don't know what i've become..." *coldplay*

unable to fix the pieces.
unable to get the years back.
the effort i placed into a relationship
that will soon be evaporated into nothingness...
a decision that will affect three valuable lives.

the hurt that breeds inside the hearts
of people. the unavoidable things we think
and then the actions that we end up doing.
not thinking of anyone else, letting our own
selves come before others.

the inconsistency that is, at times, how life goes.
the world.
peoples hearts.
God's heart...when our hearts hurt.

cities, walls, bones, pavement,
doors, hearts...

i know who my Father is, and i know He
is not abandoning.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i just wish i could keep something, but
it seems everyone has run away again.

i hate seeing others weaknesses...i hate
judging people. but it is natural and in
this circumstance, i'm going to.

today i feel::
loss, anger, rejection,
unbelief, abandonment,
disappointment, jaded.

it feels like:
i have done this too
many times to count
& i wish it could all
just end...that these
lame surprises would stop
surprising me, that my hope
could be restored in mankind..
that promises mean something

can they PLEASE mean something to you?

i just want to keep something.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

oh yes.

it is snowing this beautiful morning...well, it was last night.
tomorrow afternoon all the single ladies leave for our three day retreat up at
our mountain will most likely be snowing there.
this morning i am wearing my purple long sleeve shirt (which i love, but do not wear often, because i hate long sleeves...this color purple is one of my fav's.) my favorite hoodie *you know, the one with the hole in the elbow but i will not cannot give it up.* (i should just patch it or something but...i haven't.) my uggs, the pair of jeans my housemate Leena gave to comfy and baggy. And my uggs. so toasty and warm this morning.
I have been curling my hair the past week or so and today i decided to straighten it and i like it.
i am debating getting my bangs again, because i really like them...but i have just grown them out, so i have to keep them a while longer.

Here is a letter from Colorado to the rest of the world.

What? What's that you say? Its May 12? It's sunny where you are?
There is not supposed to be white stuff on the ground???
Ohhhh, well i decided last night to snow on you all.
I hope you enjoy it. Maybe next week it will be 70 again.
kises and hugs,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so relaxing

this morning is cold.
this morning is beautiful
this morning i had enough time to make an iced
i am wearing flip flops, because yesterday it was
sunny and warm...
it is going to rain today.
and i love it, everyday i love this city more and more.

its supposed to snow tomorrow.
then wednesday the single girls get to go on a retreat.
and that is going to be fun.

i just love my job so much. it is such a blessing.
i love the people i work with.

the only thing i don't love is that those closest to me
live miles away.

i wish my blogs had more direction, but its okay that they
i guess...

happy tuesday kids.

Monday, May 3, 2010


my dreams, as silly as some may see them, i love them.
my best friend Ana...we haven't seen in each other in four years and have done
crazy crazy things since then...moved to hawaii, moved to mozambique africa....moved to denver. moved to CT. done school, started staffing at ywam. kept in touch the whole stinkin' time. been there to encourage one another and call each other. give each other wake up calls with who we are.
seriously though, Ana Elisabeth Zeller is such a beautiful gift to me.
in december 2007 she got in a super bad accident and broke her back in a few places. This lady is a very gifted snowboarder. *and took me out the first time. i failed horribly. oh dang...* got a phone call from her mom that Ani had gotten hurt...
but God has fully healed her!
she got to go riding the winter after the accident.... God's miracles are so real. even with all the craziness that happens...
oh dang. she is a woman full of joy...and i love being around her.
*my room* i LOVE my room.
i love my house too, but specifically my room. it is super small and my bed takes up the space, but i LOVE much. I just reorganized it and threw a bunch of junk away this past weekend and it feels so good to have less clutter. It is where i unwind, write it all out, talk it all out, and rock out. Music is always coming out of my laptop speakers...cell phone...everything. I love music..
i am so passionate about these people....they are beautiful people. My brother Zach just graduated basic training with the Army. My sister Alexis just went to her senior prom! and rocked a VERY cute dress that not many could pull off...honestly, her style is amazing. Both of their birthdays are this month and i want to celebrate with them, but i'm here for now....their lives are so precious to me and i value them SO so much. Its kind of crazy how much i talk about them with my friends and family here...
my house family consists of three beautiful ladies:: CayeDee, Colleen, and Lori. Seriously, SUCH a blessing...i had a difficult time when i first moved out to Denver in the summer of '08...and i prayed that i would get to live with people who encouraged me, lifted me up, and loved Jesus with their whole hearts. and BAM! i got some hot women in my life!!
God has seriously blessed me h-core to the max with incredible human beings surrounding me daily!
i am very thankful for these life long friendships He's given me on the way.

I like that there are so many different people that are part of my family & that God has given me so many incredible friends...

i am thankful, yes indeed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

choosing to change my perspective today.

Monday, April 26, 2010

too much.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i was watching the blindside last night with my amazing housemates and i almost lost it three times.
as you know, or maybe you don't...i do not cry in movies very often at all, but seriously....i am very emotional
these days. it's weird, but i guess that is just how i am this week.

right now i'm listening to William Fitzsimmons...who you should probably check out if you haven't already heard
of him. i first heard him on a friends myspace page *back when i had myspace...oh jeez* and he's one of my favorite night
time music to listen to. you should buy the until we are ghosts album, because its my personal favorite...but that's just if you want to. i am still not good at links, but someday...i will be a link poster for sure.
His voice is just so relaxing and his lyrics are really goooood. i just like stories in music.
One of his songs is called please don't go. and you would think *or at least i would...* that it would be about a break up
but its not, its about something bad that happened in his childhood and being able to express that in song. SO powerful to me.

sometimes i wish i could do that, but only sometimes...

if anyone wants to throw a prayer up for my silly little heart, please feel free...its been a weird week and i think next week will probably be weird too. that's just how this month goes usually.


a video of his music!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

today i like:
early morning coffee w/ the dinosaur.
seeing chace smile!
getting to talk w/ petra & plan for this weekend.
truly enjoying where i'm at with life...
talking about my job.
trusting in His goodness.
texting emma about plans for today.
thinking about Julie & how much effort she's put into her album!
getting pumped about her show on saturday! so close!!
listening to the beatles.
singing loudly in the car.
letting my hair be messy.
smelling good.
my sparkly toe nails!
thinking about how funny it was dancing w/ kris at the wedding

that's all for now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

new favorite song:::

you & i by ingrid michaelson

go listen!

Monday, April 12, 2010

finding it.

i'm trying to find it, find my peace.
i'm on the lookout. i'm taking deep breath's...
i'm trying to obey.

i'm trying to laugh more, to enjoy everything surrounding
me. sometimes it is not easy.
i want to learn from each situation and see the positive. to
see your hands guiding my steps.
i want everyday to count.
i want to trust, but i would rather just see results...from all of it.

isn't that selfish?


--i love my siblings. so much, they are such beautiful people. they are so determined in this life, to succeed...very dedicated people. I like that Alexis is such a great teacher & actress...and that she is so gorgeous. I like that Zachary took a while to figure out exactly what he wanted to do, but now that he is doing it...he's all in. I really admire that about my siblings. there are more things, but that's all for this post.
--i liked today. it was so beautiful, even if i did arrive to work 30 minutes early, i got to catch up with a friend...and eat my breakfast. i like that i had time to make CayeD coffee & write her a love note. I liked that on the walk home, a lady stopped her car so that i could cross safely and she was very nice about it. [[yesterday we walked across the street and almost got run over by a bro. does anyone remember bro's? i thought i left all of those guys behind me in CA...bummer]] i like that i got everything accomplished on the list of things to do at work today, it was nice. that is one of the best feelings to me, accomplishing tasks. <3 it.
--texting Jules this morning made me happy, because she brings joy to my heart.


*staying organized this week. that is my goal. i want to keep everything upstairs clean this week and not let it go to shambles, like my normal routine...yikes*

time to clean.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i really want my life to be God centered...sometimes i lose sight of it in the jumble of things in life.
i love life so much though, its such a blessing working here. My job is so fun & sometimes i forget about how fun life can be if i make it fun...i really enjoy working w/ my friend Hannah and having alone time cleaning in the housekeeping department just listening to music, chilling, and listening to good jams...
check out the new flobots! so good.
my latest favorite is Emme Packer. I usually don't like women vocals, but she is GOOD. Emme Packer! click-ity click there <
I sometimes think God speaks to me most through music and luckily, i surround myself with it.
I enjoy all kinds...because i learn from it, in weird ways i guess. I really like her lyrics. my favorite songs are "if i had a kite" and "man that saves" from the album earlier. I just like the way she did if i had a kite with the build up and stuff.....and for man that saves, i like how true it is. God just loves us so much. i guess i forget about the love when unfortunate things happen to me. I get so angry and i usually direct it at Him, but He didn't do it, He's the one who comforts...*& all the past hate pain and blame, it could just be swept away, cause that's the kind of man that saves.*
sometimes i just need to be reminded of the love that covers all my sin and craziness. I guess its easy to lose my balance when i forget who holds my world.

Getting to work here is fun and interesting because i'm not always sure how i will pay my rent *or at least that is the story this year* but i am not stressed about it anymore. At first i was very scared and overwhelmed, but then i got this huge peace about it. I love that He gives peace that passes all understanding. its exciting to me.

Have a nice day everyone.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Mom!!

this is a woman who has supported me throughout every endeavor in my life...
who has held me through the toughest battles & let me loose when i needed
to stand on my own two feet...even if i didn't necessarily want to.

she has loved me with all she has, encouraged me daily, & helped me grow.
She pointed out the good things in myself when i was unable to see the positives,
she was there to help...
i just love her so much. I am very thankful for her life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Saturday Alone

lately there have been many thoughts rolling around in my brain and it is pretty overwhelming, because i don't have time to write them all down...which is important for my balancing life plan. when i lose my balance i usually have a panic attack, which unfortunately happened on thursday night.
it was so strange. it was probably a five minute or less panic attack, but i had to go to my room and listen to chill music to calm me down.
so i decided that i wanted to spend saturday alone.
i went to the library to look for a book and did not find the book i wanted (which happens EVERYTIME i i don't go often because then i get annoyed). *what is the point of a library if they do not house the book i want in that moment anyway?* k. i'm finished.
i ended up borrowing the book from my nice friend Chele, so i stopped by her house & chatted a bit then went to a coffee shop and read for 3-ish hours...i finished the book.
it's a really nice one by Don Miller. the thousand miles in a million years...but i really enjoyed saturday because i was alone and relaxed. I want to try and spend time alone more often, because i think i'm learning more about myself during those moments when i have time to process it.
& i think i want to take more naps, because those are nice to take.
i also want to try and do the things i think about doing all the time. like mailing letters and writing more and everything good.

have a happy week everyone.
know you are loved.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

you have changed me.

you have made me a better person, you make me
think more...of what i say, what i want to say.
who i want to be.
and then, when i'm help me understand.
a little bit more.
you have loved me.

you have loved me right, while i have not all the time.
you have given me more than i needed and gave me things
i wanted.
and somedays i lose thought of that. i stop tracking the good
things and see the challenging things in my way.

i like you for making me think more, for putting people in my
life to snap me out of my attitude, or whatever it is that can overtake
me at times. i like you for giving me reminders of what i forget so easily.

i like you for being so beautiful and for giving me beautiful things to see when
i wake up.
that you put it in me, to love life and to see things more positively.
i like that you don't expect me to be happy go lucky all the time, but that you
understand me and see my heart.

i like that you like me...

i like that, a lot.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

so far this year, God has highlighted the words steadfast and goodness.

to trust in these things and to come to a better understanding of each of

i guess, i am looking forward to seeing how this plays out in my life.
& i really like that He cares about exactly where i am at.
also, if you have time in your day...i suggest listening to the song

How deep the father's love for us.

it's pretty sweet...

have a nice week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i am cool under pressure
i am cool under pressure
i am serene under pressure
i am good under pressure
i am fine under pressure
i am pristine under pressure

i am the queen of chill actually. if you were
to ask. that is the honest answer. because
i am amazing.

i am professional at keeping my cool.
oh yes, indeed. ask anyone, its true.

under every single circumstance that is
brought to my attention
that is coming into my world, i am the chillest
lady around.....


Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh dang. my life...i just want to praise God in this blog a roo because i have been real freaked out about what to do in regards to my finances this upcoming year while staffing at YWAM Denver. (and if you wanna give to me, please email me...just sayin')
so i have not wanted to sign my one year lease yet because i do not want to commit to something i don't have the money for...even though people call that faith & i believe that too, its just that i really want to be committed. ya know?
soooo, onto my favorite part of this blog.
I called my mom to say goodmorning while finishing getting ready for the day, its just something we do...and i got her voicemail. She called me right back and was like: sooo me & Mike were talking and because he is applying for a job @ cal poly (oh man, i'm praying he gets it, he works so hard & really enjoys SLO, so that'd be siiiick)...we can't come to visit you because that is when the interview process is & he will most likely be getting called back/we are going to give the money we were going to spend on the trip to you for your rent this year.
WHAT?! no freaking way man!

so anyway: i was kind of freaking out at work yesterday during worship and just praising God for it. Its just nuts. Even though i still need more money for the rest of my rent and everything, i'm just so excited that God has provided this for me.

"God does not want to be your boss, he IS your father." -don miller-

I guess throughout these past few months and really looking back, He is my father. All i've wanted He has given me, okay...not necessarily wanted, but with the things i've needed He has provided. I just love Him a lot.

last night i got the priveledge of hanging out with my favorite Granger Grange. We went to chill in this mountain town that i'd never been to before and its a nice little 45 minute drive both ways. And both ways we got to have good conversation, just talking about everything under the sun(okay moon...) & it was so refreshing. I love the friendships i've made here, where it really is my family. Even though my family is in CA, i don't have a real connection to CA anymore, because i've fallen slowly in love with Denver. I think i may be here a while, even if i am not on staff in 2011...not that i need to know that right now, shoot i JUST arrived in 2010 & i feel so much peace about it.
God reminds me of His love for me through the mountains i get to see in the morning, covered in snow (oh yes, winter...iloveyou), in the crazy gorgeous purple-ish pink-ish sunsets, and the brisk cold air at night.

Anyway, i just wanted to share with everyone about God's love. And i know He has the same love for each of us, which baffles me sometimes...but its so nice. So anyway. wherever you're at in life, i challenge you to talk to God *as weird as it can be* do it.
its interesting what He speaks back.

He is a gentle & loyal friend, He is a provider, and He is love.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So huge thank you to God today.
Even though i went to bed stressed, i woke up and decided to call the dealership.
and its SEVEN dollars to get a new key made!
Me & Dakota are going once she gets home from work and then we are going to watch figure skating.

Not only that but i have been reading today and listening to chill music and i am so relaxed.

and that, is the Holy Spirit.

: ) happy thursday.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

uh huh.

my car key broke in my trunk and my spare doesn't start my car.
not to mention my broken-ish. it is just the battery and it is not that big of a deal. really.

trying to keep my perspective in the right place.
i could feel like...
i mess everything up.

but in reality:

my car key broke. it can be replaced. and i was planning on fixing my car anyway. the fact that something
is wrong with the battery, is just something that happened and now there needs to be a solution.

sometimes i wanna get all emotional about life, but then...i don't. and i guess that means i am growing up.
its not to say that i am always level headed and always chill...because majority of time i am not.
just ask anyone in my house. ...its cool growing up and its weird at the same time.

a neat thing that happened tonight was that my friend Tedi put a verse as her status on facebook.

So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you! 36 Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all that he has promised. Hebrews 10:35-36

That verse is pretty intense because for this next season in my life i am honestly scared.
i am scared about finances. i am scared about other things too, but mainly finances and making the correct steps in obedience to be doing what i need to in order to have finances or whatever.

i only have a few more days of vacation left until i go back to work on monday. i have to be wise with how i spend that time...this blog is so boring, because i am sorting things out in my mind right now.

okay here are things that i am thankful for: ::
--sleeping in.
chilling ALL day.
doing my hair & makeup today
going grocery shopping with Dakota
seeing some girls i haven't seen in a while and getting to catch up.
getting to chat w/ my family members.
having my family so close and so willing to help out when i need it.
my housemates <3
the really good smelling candle in my room.
my read everyday bible.
the camera on my phone,
the video messaging that you can do through cell phones.
getting to talk with my sister via video messaging...HILARIOUS sister...
my new nail polish that i still haven't used but am going to use tomorrow.
and my cell phone, because without it...i wouldn't be able to call the dealership tomorrow
morning & figure out how to solve the issue in front of me.
the Holy Spirit for keeping me calm
the cupcakes in my kitchen
my waterbottle for being glittery
and my stepdad for being the funniest text message-er sometimes.

going to write more.....tomorrow possibly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

a new city

God is crazy and i love him so much.
whenever i´m feeling discouraged or anything, God sends me an email through one of my friends.
when we got into this city the first thing i was thankful for was...drop in climate! this weather to me, is perfect. Well, winter and fall are perfect, but this is a very nice spring.
We had a debrief meeting with all the students and it was just fun for me to chill and talk with some of the girls and find out where they´re at.
we are all separated in three different apartments, but very close together. ours is across the street from the two other apartments. one is our meeting place, where we eat lunch and dinner together as a team (and all the boys and three of the girls live) and the other is where five girls live. I´m living with four other girls and they are pretty sweet people.

Currently we all have a weird sickness. mainly, its stomach aches but other people have fevers, so instead of doing park ministry today we are all just trying to relax and take it easy so that God can use us mightily sp? this week!
The second night here we realized as a house that we need to encourage one another more frequently and it was sweet because when i was reading my bible i got really stoked about the youth in this ctiy. Pereira sp? The youth are pretty much seeking after all of it...but really wanting God. So i was just reading psalms and the main thing that was revealed to me was hoping in God´s steadfast love.
This verse is amazing though::

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name;
worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.
The voice of the Lord is over the waters; The
God of glory thunders, the Lord, over many waters.
The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the
Lord is full of majesty.

The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars; the Lord
breaks the cedars of lebanon, He makes Lebanon to skip
like a calf, and Sinon like a young wild ox.

The voice of the Lord flashes forth flames of fire;
the voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness; the Lord
shakes the wilderness of Kadesh

The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord
sits enthroned as king forever. May the Lord give strength
to his people. May the Lord bless his people with peace.

::Psalm 29.2-8 & 10-11::

this city has a lot of problems with drugs and gang violence
and my heart is that the youth wake up from the haze that surrounds
their hearts and envelopes them in hatred and self loathing.
i want to see them find real joy and peace in the Lord and not in
all the drugs and everything else going on.

As a team, we are just praying a lot for this city and really focusing on what God wants to do and His heart for this city. It´s great too, because we are working with a really cool church here and they are so willing to walk along side us on this journey. So, if we talk with people and they want to know more about how they can get help or whatever, we can pray for them, but also have these people here helping them...especially because we´re only here for a short time.
I know that God wants to do something sweet in restoring this city and i feel excited that He wants us to be part of it.

I just want to bring peace and joy to these people.

love to each of you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

holy HEAT!!!!

we are here in Montelibano, in the heat of life!! its crazy to me that people are wearing jeans everyday. the weather is like 90 ish with 90 % humidity!

God is doing so much here though..everywhere we go people stare at us, because not many americans visit this town. we do park evangelism everyday and the responses we get are incredible. Everyone wants to talk with us afterward and with the help of our translaters, we are making this work! God has really blessed this team, because everytime they go with willing hearts, he uses them! my favorite thing is that we are just here to talk wtih people and pray for them...i like the way the Holy Spirit chooses to move, in ways that i wouldn´t have thought of, but it works.

i like colombia, not so much the heat, but i like the country and i like the people a lot.
we´ve gotten pretty close with three of our translaters here, they´re so funny and crazy! two of them are 18 and one of them is 15. it makes me wish my spanish was better...but it isn´t. yet. hopefully sometime in life.
the people here are my favorite thing about outreach. constantly giving, helping, and encouraging.
i guess its a good reminder for me, of how i want to live my life....

love love to everyone!

ciao for now. xoxoo