Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i really want my life to be God centered...sometimes i lose sight of it in the jumble of things in life.
i love life so much though, its such a blessing working here. My job is so fun & sometimes i forget about how fun life can be if i make it fun...i really enjoy working w/ my friend Hannah and having alone time cleaning in the housekeeping department just listening to music, chilling, and listening to good jams...
check out the new flobots! so good.
my latest favorite is Emme Packer. I usually don't like women vocals, but she is GOOD. Emme Packer! click-ity click there <
I sometimes think God speaks to me most through music and luckily, i surround myself with it.
I enjoy all kinds...because i learn from it, in weird ways i guess. I really like her lyrics. my favorite songs are "if i had a kite" and "man that saves" from the album earlier. I just like the way she did if i had a kite with the build up and stuff.....and for man that saves, i like how true it is. God just loves us so much. i guess i forget about the love when unfortunate things happen to me. I get so angry and i usually direct it at Him, but He didn't do it, He's the one who comforts...*& all the past hate pain and blame, it could just be swept away, cause that's the kind of man that saves.*
sometimes i just need to be reminded of the love that covers all my sin and craziness. I guess its easy to lose my balance when i forget who holds my world.

Getting to work here is fun and interesting because i'm not always sure how i will pay my rent *or at least that is the story this year* but i am not stressed about it anymore. At first i was very scared and overwhelmed, but then i got this huge peace about it. I love that He gives peace that passes all understanding. its exciting to me.

Have a nice day everyone.

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