Wednesday, April 21, 2010


i was watching the blindside last night with my amazing housemates and i almost lost it three times.
as you know, or maybe you don't...i do not cry in movies very often at all, but seriously....i am very emotional
these days. it's weird, but i guess that is just how i am this week.

right now i'm listening to William Fitzsimmons...who you should probably check out if you haven't already heard
of him. i first heard him on a friends myspace page *back when i had myspace...oh jeez* and he's one of my favorite night
time music to listen to. you should buy the until we are ghosts album, because its my personal favorite...but that's just if you want to. i am still not good at links, but someday...i will be a link poster for sure.
His voice is just so relaxing and his lyrics are really goooood. i just like stories in music.
One of his songs is called please don't go. and you would think *or at least i would...* that it would be about a break up
but its not, its about something bad that happened in his childhood and being able to express that in song. SO powerful to me.

sometimes i wish i could do that, but only sometimes...

if anyone wants to throw a prayer up for my silly little heart, please feel free...its been a weird week and i think next week will probably be weird too. that's just how this month goes usually.


a video of his music!

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