Tuesday, June 30, 2009

last night i had the priviledge of seeing an amazing band called mewithoutYou.
i have liked them for three years & have wanted to go to their shows for a while now (about three years) but everytime i wanted to i was somewhere else. (like Hawaii). So anyway: yesterday was a GREAT day because it was registration for all the new students! This summer quarter is pretty small, but i can already tell its going to be a LOT of fun. So i was helping out in registration all day wanting to get tickets for the concert that night, because i forgot about it till that morning...luckily i called some people and my friend Clay got the tickets.
The day went by pretty fast and i had a nice time just chatting with some of the students and trying to get to know them better. Then it came time to go to the concert! I went with my friend Laurie and then met up with my other friends Clay and John, who i never really hung out w/ before. They're a lot of fun.
The opening band was called Deer Hunter and i really enjoyed them it was just sweet how the all worked together so well & the lead vocalist was pretty amazing. Then mewithoutYou came on and me Laurie & Clay kind of pushed our way more towards the front...the set list (is that what its called?) was so good. they played a lot of songs from their latest album *its all crazy, its all false, its all a dream, its alright* but they also played a few oldies from A->B life and Catch for us the foxes.

Lyrically this band is incredible as well as in every other aspect...
Music is so life giving for me, i've always been pretty passionate about it and have it in pretty much every part of my day, because i love it so much. And it keeps me going.

I tried to look for lyrics online right now, but i'm having a hard time...
They use some stuff from the Bible and when i first heard them in 2006 i didn't even realize, although i think i knew they were believers....
So when i was studying the bible in Hawaii i ran across some verses and realized that i heard them before in some mewithoutYou songs.

I guess the main thing for me last night was just how sweet it was to finally be able to go to that show and just to hang out w/ God in a different way than i normally do...it was a different kind of quiet time, because it wasn't quiet at all, but i heard God speak really clearly to me.
Afterward i had a really good journaling session in my room, because i was still processing all the lyrics and things that God was telling me...
It was so CRAZY! I don't remember everything, but mainly God was talking to me about how much He loves me and i was telling him all about stuff i want to do and ways i want to behave...how i want to show love to my friends and be sensitive to his spirit more often. So that when i'm asked to pray for someone i can actually HEAR from Him before i just go for it. *even though just going for it isn't always bad...i just want something different in my life*
i guess a fear i have is that the concert is sort of like a mountain top experience with the Lord, but i'm really trying my best to make my life with God an everyday step by step hand in hand process.
It is definitely a challenge! Anyone up for praying for my heart during this journey??? : )

Anyway: i just wanted to write this down on the blog. i was going to last night, but decided that sleep was a better idea so that i can do my job to the best of my ability. (with Jesus of course.)

if you're interested in hearing some mewithoutYou go to


hope you enjoy & have an INCREDIBLE week!
Happy tuesday.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight i got to go on a walk with my friend Rissa, who i love dearly....we got to walk around the neighborhoods and just chat about life and what's been happening in each others lives. Nothing fancy, but it was so perfect.
i don't love summer, because i don't love the heat, but there is something so refreshing about walking outside at night....
I love that God is our creator, its incredible. He's so creative and so beautiful, if He's anything like Colorado....which i'm sure he's a bit better.
I think my favorite thing is when i get to see Him in the world, like through the earth. Like in Kona with the ocean and here in CO w/ the mountains and everything....and in Oregon with the freshness...everything is just so SWEET.
Sometimes i wish i was more of a contemplative person and i do want to spend more time contemplating who He is in my life and in the world in general because its amazing! But honestly, my head hurts just thinking about it.

why does He love us?
how does He call us valuable?
what does He see when looking at us?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

transition, once again

This week was pretty intense for me, without me even realizing it until today.
I guess when things change, i do not recognize it because i choose not to. which is unhealthy.
Some of my closest friends left on tuesday to go back to Oklahoma, before they leave for Chile
because they'll be doing missions stuff down south.
Its tough for me when people leave, but i know i'll see them again, cause they're like my family & you
can't just not see your family. ya know?
Soo, i learned this week that in our minds change equals loss,
which is probably why i have such a hard time when things change....but working at YWAM i'm really going to have to get more & more used to change....so i pray that God gives me that gifting.


It is two weeks away from the end of the quarter! my first quarter is almost finished & i cannot believe how quickly its gone by!
This is a fun time because Laurie & I are working on the love feast *its an event that happens at the end of each quarter celebrating that everyone has graduated* its super fun. Our job is to pick a theme & plan out the party. So the theme for this quarter is....Pirates! It is going to be so much fun. This week i got to order a root beer keg that we'll use to make root beer floats!!!!! Its going to be so delicious! Anyway: i am trying to find my camera battery charger soon so that i'll be able to post photos....which i'm also pretty terrible at, but i do want to get better at!

i hope this post is a blessing to all of you! You are loved!