Thursday, June 4, 2009

transition, once again

This week was pretty intense for me, without me even realizing it until today.
I guess when things change, i do not recognize it because i choose not to. which is unhealthy.
Some of my closest friends left on tuesday to go back to Oklahoma, before they leave for Chile
because they'll be doing missions stuff down south.
Its tough for me when people leave, but i know i'll see them again, cause they're like my family & you
can't just not see your family. ya know?
Soo, i learned this week that in our minds change equals loss,
which is probably why i have such a hard time when things change....but working at YWAM i'm really going to have to get more & more used to i pray that God gives me that gifting.


It is two weeks away from the end of the quarter! my first quarter is almost finished & i cannot believe how quickly its gone by!
This is a fun time because Laurie & I are working on the love feast *its an event that happens at the end of each quarter celebrating that everyone has graduated* its super fun. Our job is to pick a theme & plan out the party. So the theme for this quarter is....Pirates! It is going to be so much fun. This week i got to order a root beer keg that we'll use to make root beer floats!!!!! Its going to be so delicious! Anyway: i am trying to find my camera battery charger soon so that i'll be able to post photos....which i'm also pretty terrible at, but i do want to get better at!

i hope this post is a blessing to all of you! You are loved!


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  1. Alli- you are sweet, real and I am so blessed to know you. I'm glad you decided to come on staff, because I think you are already making such a difference. You are a joy!

    <3 you!