Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tonight i got to go on a walk with my friend Rissa, who i love dearly....we got to walk around the neighborhoods and just chat about life and what's been happening in each others lives. Nothing fancy, but it was so perfect.
i don't love summer, because i don't love the heat, but there is something so refreshing about walking outside at night....
I love that God is our creator, its incredible. He's so creative and so beautiful, if He's anything like Colorado....which i'm sure he's a bit better.
I think my favorite thing is when i get to see Him in the world, like through the earth. Like in Kona with the ocean and here in CO w/ the mountains and everything....and in Oregon with the freshness...everything is just so SWEET.
Sometimes i wish i was more of a contemplative person and i do want to spend more time contemplating who He is in my life and in the world in general because its amazing! But honestly, my head hurts just thinking about it.

why does He love us?
how does He call us valuable?
what does He see when looking at us?

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