Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my siblings are so precious to me...I am so excited for both of them. I am so proud of them for their endurance and the choices they've made in life.
They are incredible people and i am so blessed to have them in my life!
My brother has worked really hard to get where he's at and he loves it! Also, He has fallen in love with his soon to be wifey! It blows my mind that we will always be kids, the three of us, but still. We grow up SO quickly...oh man, do we ever.
I am so excited that He will be getting back to the states soon! (even though it's not soon ENOUGH!) haha.
My sister just went on her first overseas trip to visit her friends in Ireland, then had the opportunity to visit my brother in Italy. She had a fun trip and didn't run into too many problems so that is nice for her & and for me to hear!
They are such hard workers, they persevere through life and "run the race w/ endurance" it's really amazing to see.
I just love the lives we lead...I am just very proud of the three of us and oh so blessed to have the beautiful siblings i have.

I hope your week is filled with joy and grace.