Sunday, July 25, 2010

today i woke up at 1
i had breakfast.
i remembered about the blueberries i purchased last
sunday and transfered them from the refrigerator to the freezer.

i got to hang out with Amy.
then hang out with my housemates. at the sketchiest little
amusement park i have ever gone to in my life.
i went on a rollercoaster and i didn't die.
not even a little bit!

i love saturdays and i love weekends and i love
my life.

i just feel super blessed to have the family i do
and to live in the house that i do...and i feel

majority of the time in my life, i feel loved.

it is such a great thing; grace.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this week is a lot different than my normal schedule of hospitality, kitchen, housekeeping...this week i am up at eagle rock watching three small-ish children.
reegan, keeana, and jereson.
amaaaazing kids.
its pretty sweet watching kids.
i even changed a poopy diaper succesfully! i was pretty stoked about it.

sometimes i feel like i limit myself, with what i can and cannot do. And lately i realize that if i want to do something, then i have to attempt to do it...
anyway, its been fun hanging out with the kids.
tomorrow is my last day up here and i get to chill with them all morning while my friends Jeremy & Keeley (the parents of the kiddos) teach.

Also, a huge blessing for me this week was getting to talk to my brother online while he is in Afghanistan.
go army, go.

anyway, have a great week everyone!
remember, you are l o v e d

Sunday, July 11, 2010

take my life and make it Yours.