Thursday, May 19, 2011

i feel so much these days.
sad because good friends are leaving. my small group going forward after their dts...feeling so blessed to have been part of their lives. thankful for cell phones that keep people connected.
overwhelmed with change and trying to keep a good balance with everything all at once. it's so strange because life doesn't overwhelm me as much as it is right now. I am very thankful for the people that do care for me and invest in my life.
I'm learning what it means to live not on my own strength, but to fully rely on the Lord''s no easy/small task.
I'm grateful for people who push me forward, for people who have wisdom and speak kindly, and for my job...where i meet so many people so often and can have a positive impact in their lives. no matter how big or small, that i can be an encourgaement to those i meet and that i can challenge and be challenged to live better to a higher standard, on a daily basis.

count cho' blessings child!