Friday, December 10, 2010


today i drove to work and then we had was cool finally connecting with
the lyrics people around me were singing...someone shared a word and we prayed for
south korea.
then for small group we got into my car wouldn't start.
for whatever reason i wasn't really stressed at all, which is not like me AT ALL.
someone helped me jump it, then we drove for about twenty minutes before arriving at our
destination, goodwill, where we had fun trying on different stuff and looking for something good to wear
for our end of quarter dinner.
We had to jump the car we drove for such a long time AGAIN and arrived back at work.
At the end of the day, i tried to start my car and it wouldn't start, so my good friend John came and took a look
at it. He suggested that i get my battery tested & luckily, we have a place RIGHT by our i took it on over
there and the guy basically told me: you're going to need a new battery, here is the one you will need, it's a hundred bucks.
I didn't know what to do, because i do not have a hundred i just said: well, i really can't buy that now....can you just jump the battery again so i can drive it home?
the other guy in the shop asked what if i gave you a discount? and i just looked at him and said: even at that price, i couldn't pay for it, i just don't have the money....& then we were talking and i said i worked at YWAM and he said: really? oh. then he looked at the other guy and said: let's just donate it to ywam then.

i just got a brand new battery with a two year warranty from two really generous people, just because they wanted to bless me.
i started crying in the store...God met me just where i was at and said: I'm your father, this is what i do, i will provide for you. I love you, i care about you, i will protect you and keep you safe. You are my child, i will be here with you. I will give you peace in the crazy situations of life. I will be with you, for always.

I just like that my dad loves me and cares for me always.

He is good and oh so faithful.

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