Thursday, March 4, 2010

oh dang. my life...i just want to praise God in this blog a roo because i have been real freaked out about what to do in regards to my finances this upcoming year while staffing at YWAM Denver. (and if you wanna give to me, please email me...just sayin')
so i have not wanted to sign my one year lease yet because i do not want to commit to something i don't have the money for...even though people call that faith & i believe that too, its just that i really want to be committed. ya know?
soooo, onto my favorite part of this blog.
I called my mom to say goodmorning while finishing getting ready for the day, its just something we do...and i got her voicemail. She called me right back and was like: sooo me & Mike were talking and because he is applying for a job @ cal poly (oh man, i'm praying he gets it, he works so hard & really enjoys SLO, so that'd be siiiick)...we can't come to visit you because that is when the interview process is & he will most likely be getting called back/we are going to give the money we were going to spend on the trip to you for your rent this year.
WHAT?! no freaking way man!

so anyway: i was kind of freaking out at work yesterday during worship and just praising God for it. Its just nuts. Even though i still need more money for the rest of my rent and everything, i'm just so excited that God has provided this for me.

"God does not want to be your boss, he IS your father." -don miller-

I guess throughout these past few months and really looking back, He is my father. All i've wanted He has given me, okay...not necessarily wanted, but with the things i've needed He has provided. I just love Him a lot.

last night i got the priveledge of hanging out with my favorite Granger Grange. We went to chill in this mountain town that i'd never been to before and its a nice little 45 minute drive both ways. And both ways we got to have good conversation, just talking about everything under the sun(okay moon...) & it was so refreshing. I love the friendships i've made here, where it really is my family. Even though my family is in CA, i don't have a real connection to CA anymore, because i've fallen slowly in love with Denver. I think i may be here a while, even if i am not on staff in 2011...not that i need to know that right now, shoot i JUST arrived in 2010 & i feel so much peace about it.
God reminds me of His love for me through the mountains i get to see in the morning, covered in snow (oh yes, winter...iloveyou), in the crazy gorgeous purple-ish pink-ish sunsets, and the brisk cold air at night.

Anyway, i just wanted to share with everyone about God's love. And i know He has the same love for each of us, which baffles me sometimes...but its so nice. So anyway. wherever you're at in life, i challenge you to talk to God *as weird as it can be* do it.
its interesting what He speaks back.

He is a gentle & loyal friend, He is a provider, and He is love.


  1. Alli, you write almost exactly like you talk. I like that, its refreshing.
    Yay for the rent! That is one great thing about depending on God for finances, really knowing what it is like to have Him as the provider.

  2. yeah, thanks Jeff. its cool b/c i'm kind of at peace w/ it, even though i don't have all my rent for the whole year...i know i'm going to get it.
    thanks for reading!

  3. You have such a beautiful heart Allison!

  4. did you know that I love you more than you could ever know?