Monday, March 29, 2010

A Saturday Alone

lately there have been many thoughts rolling around in my brain and it is pretty overwhelming, because i don't have time to write them all down...which is important for my balancing life plan. when i lose my balance i usually have a panic attack, which unfortunately happened on thursday night.
it was so strange. it was probably a five minute or less panic attack, but i had to go to my room and listen to chill music to calm me down.
so i decided that i wanted to spend saturday alone.
i went to the library to look for a book and did not find the book i wanted (which happens EVERYTIME i i don't go often because then i get annoyed). *what is the point of a library if they do not house the book i want in that moment anyway?* k. i'm finished.
i ended up borrowing the book from my nice friend Chele, so i stopped by her house & chatted a bit then went to a coffee shop and read for 3-ish hours...i finished the book.
it's a really nice one by Don Miller. the thousand miles in a million years...but i really enjoyed saturday because i was alone and relaxed. I want to try and spend time alone more often, because i think i'm learning more about myself during those moments when i have time to process it.
& i think i want to take more naps, because those are nice to take.
i also want to try and do the things i think about doing all the time. like mailing letters and writing more and everything good.

have a happy week everyone.
know you are loved.

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