Saturday, March 20, 2010

you have changed me.

you have made me a better person, you make me
think more...of what i say, what i want to say.
who i want to be.
and then, when i'm help me understand.
a little bit more.
you have loved me.

you have loved me right, while i have not all the time.
you have given me more than i needed and gave me things
i wanted.
and somedays i lose thought of that. i stop tracking the good
things and see the challenging things in my way.

i like you for making me think more, for putting people in my
life to snap me out of my attitude, or whatever it is that can overtake
me at times. i like you for giving me reminders of what i forget so easily.

i like you for being so beautiful and for giving me beautiful things to see when
i wake up.
that you put it in me, to love life and to see things more positively.
i like that you don't expect me to be happy go lucky all the time, but that you
understand me and see my heart.

i like that you like me...

i like that, a lot.


  1. I like that you gave me Alli as a friend.. She is such a blessing in my life. Just another way that you help me out. Thank you God. I love you lots.