Wednesday, January 13, 2010

holy HEAT!!!!

we are here in Montelibano, in the heat of life!! its crazy to me that people are wearing jeans everyday. the weather is like 90 ish with 90 % humidity!

God is doing so much here though..everywhere we go people stare at us, because not many americans visit this town. we do park evangelism everyday and the responses we get are incredible. Everyone wants to talk with us afterward and with the help of our translaters, we are making this work! God has really blessed this team, because everytime they go with willing hearts, he uses them! my favorite thing is that we are just here to talk wtih people and pray for them...i like the way the Holy Spirit chooses to move, in ways that i wouldn´t have thought of, but it works.

i like colombia, not so much the heat, but i like the country and i like the people a lot.
we´ve gotten pretty close with three of our translaters here, they´re so funny and crazy! two of them are 18 and one of them is 15. it makes me wish my spanish was better...but it isn´t. yet. hopefully sometime in life.
the people here are my favorite thing about outreach. constantly giving, helping, and encouraging.
i guess its a good reminder for me, of how i want to live my life....

love love to everyone!

ciao for now. xoxoo

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  1. love love love love love you.. so much.. i am so glad to hear how god is moving.. xoxo