Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beauty in the status updates

this morning i got to go to coffee with a beautiful
friend: miss Alyssa, we got to share about our lives and it
was nice...she's truly a beautiful lady.

now i am looking at facebook and friends status updates to
see how their days are going and if anyone has posted anything
but its two status updates in a row that have caught my attention

I am blessed because i am loved by You
only You can restore my soul

these things are kind of amazing reminders for my current life situation.

I'm glad that He is so faithful in every circumstance of my life and
every battle in my heart..He is here to figure it out with me. Hear
my screams and cries...Heal my heart... restore it back to the fullest..
bring me true joy and show me HOW to live. Through this.
Through all of It.

thanks Jesus, for your love for me & my family.
I love you back.

For Your steadfast love is before my eyes, and i walk in your
faithfulness. Psalm 26.3
The title of this psalm in my bible is I will Bless the Lord.

I want to do that with my life, because He is worthy.

have a good tuesday kids.

Alli bird.

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