Saturday, January 7, 2012

it's all about perspective:::

my car wasn't working a few weeks ago, then i went on vacation, then i came home and one of my good friends
totally fixed it! within an hour.

so it's been running great for like a week and half and then it totally stopped working again. i didn't know what to do, then i texted my friend & told him what was up and he was like: oh, okay. i'll be there in a second.
i texted my other friend to tell her i couldn't come over anymore, b/c i was stuck at chipotle..and then she said oh, i'll be there in a second.

i was getting all flustered and semi-stressed (like i tend to do, little bit dramatic over here...workin' on it) they both showed up in like ten minutes from me talking w/ them and my friend tried to fix my car. it didn't end up working out but by the end of the hour of trying different ways to fix it we were all cracking jokes and laughing.

i was reflecting on this at work the other day and realized how blessed i am.
i have friends in my life who just drop whatever they're doing to come help me. not for any specific reason really, just because they care. God shows me He loves me through so many different things, and in those instances it was through my amazing friends.
I can't believe how lucky i got, and i how blessed i am to be surrounded by such beautiful people on a day to day basis. and even when those beautiful people live in so many different places, like California, Canada, Arizona, Mexico, whatever....we're still able to keep in touch through phone conversations or the magic of Skype!

I got to spend Christmas in the desert with one of my favorite people in the world (and also, i am pretty sure the only one who reads my blog?) reminisce on our beautiful family, spend my new years with my best friend, and so far just soak in the beauty that is Colorado winter.

today i woke up then went to run errands with my best friend and just have fun. when we came home it was just beginning to snow.
snow is one of my favorite things.
i also got to drink my favorite chai today.
i went to a one year old's birthday (my godson Levi Breaker)....also, when did i become the girl who got excited about a one year old's birthday party? who knows, probably when the kids started getting so darn cute! oh man, he's a looker for sure. he's such a joy and such a little love!

i love that i see my friends having families. i love that i've known someone for so long, saw him fall in love, saw him get married, and today i saw him celebrate his son's birthday! life is so magical. it's such a beautiful gift.

everything is such a gift and i like opening it up each day. i like starting and seeing and trusting and knowing the goodness of God.

i like that God cares and that God provides (even in the craziest situations) i like being friends with God.

what do you like about life right now?

comment below!

please remember:
you are beautiful and you are loved.

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