Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i went through boxes of my old things. boxes of my life as a kid, report cards, then i got to my teen years and found my old writing. i was so emotional all the time and very intense. i guess that's just how it goes. it was kind of embarrassing, but at the same time...not really.
i don't know.
when i was younger people said they liked me because i was funny and nice.
i wonder if it's still true today?

i appreciate people in my life who know me; truly, and aren't afraid of getting to know people deeply.

i feel tired of shallow relationships

i feel tired of words.

i'm refreshed and rejuvenated after a time of being home with family
and refreshed today after sleeping in and hanging out with friends last night.

sometimes i wonder if people know how truly valuable they are...that it doesn't matter what they do, but rather who they are that counts the most.

i want the people i'm around to know they are loved. to know they can be honest and themselves all the time. that it won't matter what they say, but that it's okay to be themselves.

i'm really grateful for a mellow day. i'm looking forward to getting everything accomplished at work. i'm looking forward to sleeping in my clean room. finishing un packing and learning to stop pressuring myself, but just to take deeper breaths.

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