Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revelations while texting.

revelation i received while texting my friend today. and first of all, God is growing my faith. it is a beautiful process. it is a lovely thing. He is so faithful. Here's what i realized today: I prayed for healing for her body completely and she's going in to see if her white blood cells went up or down or whatever. I just don't want her to have pain and cancer anymore. And it's totally Jesus because i've not believed in healing before but the Holy Spirit has totally shown me through being in the middle east that JEsus truly did do all of it for us to live in freedom on earth. And the Father taught us to pray: thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven, which means our bodies should be in full alignment with His Spirit, so that we can live life and life abundantly everyday. It's crazy because God is growing me in my faith and building it up. I realize that it is new, but i realize also that His mercy's are new every single morning. Which means that when i wake up i have a new opportunity to see through His perspective. This means i get to see EVERYTHING through his eyes. If i don't like my body or whatever it may be, i can just ask Him what He sees. I get to ask Him if there's something specific He has for me. I like Him because He really is the nicest man i know. i like him because He is the ultimate patience in life. I'm realizing that i am a human being guided by His Spirit. the Spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me to preach good news. this means i must apply action. I do not want to use words, i just want to be love to those i meet. The most impactful relationships i have had in my 24 years are the ones who don't necessarily speak often, but they show me they love me. i realize the importance of action. after all, it's the way you live, not the way you speak that counts. (James 3) just a few thoughts that i wanted to share. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read these words. I pray that it refreshes your soul. and that it makes you ask more questions. The best thing about God (or one of the things i'm appreciating at this moment) is that He doesn't get wary of listening to our questions and He doesn't mind that they come in the trillions. He likes you a lot. Happy Tuesday dear ones.

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