Wednesday, May 30, 2012

reflecting on the middle east. i've just begun my reflection time beginning last week and into this week. i will post things i've learned through many people and many circumstances. but tonight i am here to write about one of my best friends. to my Nicky, first of all, how did i get so blessed and so lucky to have you as my sister? You have such a strength within you that i don't see in many people. You love bravely and give so much of yourself to others. You give your time, you give your resources, you are constantly giving your best for others. you are a true friend, you are a true light in this world. you choose to see the best in people. you are very honest, which is one of my favorite things in another person. i admire that in you. i admire your ability to see a weakness and choose to correct it, then move on with the Lord. I love that you are not afraid to be beautiful, i love that you're pushing forward amidst storms and chaos. i love that you choose to believe, even when you can't necessarily see or understand, you keep your feet planted in the rock who's higher than you. i love that you are bold. i love that only YOU can make me laugh so hard and i love the connection we have. i thank God for you everyday, because you push me to be a better woman. Thank you for being such an example of grace to me Nic, i love you truly and from the bottom of my heart. my prayer for you this beautiful first year of your TWENTIES! (when did we get so old?) is that you open up your heart even more to receive this crazy good love our Father has for us. That He enriches you with wisdom and blesses you with more JOY. and that you understand him more and more as Your redeemer and that you feel goodness wash over you. remember honey: i carry your heart. always. xo allison lois harrison

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