Sunday, June 30, 2013

summer is halfway over.

our new quarter began last monday at work and it's been an incredible week!

I feel so honored and blessed to have three girls in my small group. i'm so thankful
i took the time to myself for the past six months, to learn what it means to rest and do one thing well.

This weekend i've been semi busy, but not too bad. At this point in life i'm recognizing the importance of letting my yes be yes and my no be no.

this makes me think a little longer to commit to something, but it's also nice to think of other's more than me.

I feel like a lot of things are transitioning, with my sister moving to Colorado, just within a five minute drive of's amazing! I've been appreciating my housemates and keeping a full schedule.

Today has been very restful.


  1. a poem for your Thursday night:

    Alli you have all that shines
    and glimmeringly gleams

    to shout about and sit quietly in the
    streets with

    thank you for your everything
    and your beginnings.

    love youuuuuu, like, a lot.

    1. ANNE!!! i just saw this! <3 thank you!