Sunday, August 18, 2013

so far this weekend has been wonderful.

stayed the night with my cousin, always refreshing...
read a book
ate a bagel
had to clean, but didn't take too long.

watched too much greys.
trying to stay out of the heat.
I am very ready for winter.

kinda unbelievable that soon i'm leaving for the Philippines! finally got the visas back. I'm so thankful to have that piece to the puzzle together.

kinda in love with my team. six beautiful people that get to experience new culture with me and immerse ourselves in that culture and learn what it looks like to best love that culture.


things i'm not doing so well at currently are:

keeping in touch with anyone.
staying awake. -> i'm so sleepy a lot of the time. this is the second week in a row i've been feeling so tired, but it's such a GOOD tired.

kinda funny how i hate summer so much but volunteered myself for an extra two months of it.

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